Passionate for a long time by the power and soothing virtues of minerals, the designer of Taillée has chosen to make her bags unique and innovative thanks to lithotherapy.

Lithotherapy is a practice of care through minerals. The etymology of the word comes from the Greek lithos, meaning stone, and therapeia, meaning cure. This practice is based on the belief in the therapeutic virtues of stones, minerals and crystals. Indeed, each mineral is charged with an energy that resonates with our body and our mind. Depending on the color and chemical composition of the stone, its energy and therapeutic properties differ. Crystals and minerals therefore diffuse different energies which will have various influences on the state of mind and behavior, depending on their physical and chemical characteristics. These minerals are also known to have benefits acting on ailments such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, lack of self-confidence... The objective being essentially to chase away negative energies by acting as a purification and to make the full of good vibes!

This practice is very apparent in the ancient texts of oriental medicine, especially in India. Lithotherapy is connected to the concepts of chakras and energies. These conceptions are linked in particular to Hinduism, saying that the chakras are the energy centers of the human body. Wearing lithotherapy stones as accessories (pendant, bracelet, etc.) or simply adding a stone to your home has many benefits and will rebalance your energies emotionally, mentally and physically.

With this benevolent perspective, the designer therefore took time to select the three stones that would one day adorn her bags. After long studies on minerals and the effects of each of them, his research has come to an end.

The gems present in the Gigi are an Amethyst, a Rose Quartz and a Carnelian.

Each has very distinct properties that allow them to complement each other once assembled, and thus form a talisman of positive vibes !



 A M E T H Y S T 


Amethyst, stone of well-being, promotes spiritual elevation and serenity. It is a purification stone that transforms negative emotions into positive and benevolent energy.

R O S E  Q U A R T Z 

Rose Quartz, stone of love, promotes empathy and communication. Its gentle energy soothes stress, boosts self-confidence and allows you to better open up to others.

Carnelian, known throughout the centuries to be worn for leadership and courage, is a powerhouse for motivation. Its properties will grant you the confidence to live your life boldly, and the ambition to chase your passions.



 Together, they become your talisman for good vibes