Let nature take over you and fall for one of our Gigis

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Ethics, sustainability and eco-friendliness

We believe in supporting and helping perpetuate the local craftsmanship by producing our bags in Madagascar. The bags are all carefully handmade and based on the principles of sustainability and ethics. Their strength will assure their longevity and beauty throughout time. 

Three stones are stitched inside each bag

Turned into a talisman thanks to its three gems inside, this bag is the accessory you missed. Find out more about the benefits of these stones below or on our dedicated page.


"Amethyst is a magnet for spirituality and serenity."

Rose Quartz

"Rose Quartz is a love spell for empathy and communication."


"Carnelian is a powerhouse for motivation, confidence and courage."

They adopted the Gigi, why don't you? ☀️