Our story


Taillée is a French brand of raffia bags that has been entirely designed on the principles of thoughtfulness, eco-friendliness and transparency. 


Driven by the cause of ethics and environment, the designer wanted to create a brand that would offer baskets that are both gentle to the environment, made through fair working conditions, and that will last over time. Taillée's goal was to create a timeless and unique bag design, available in a variety of colors to appeal to everyone in an inclusive way, while bringing elegance and lightness through the exotic versatility of raffia. 


Knowing that the work was going to be intense and required a lot of attention to detail, the designer went to Madagascar for several weeks for an educational and creative stay, where she was able to exchange with local artisans and discuss with them the precise results she expected. 


Taillée does not go through any intermediary. The designer has been able to bond strongly with each artisan involved in the design of the baskets: weavers, polishers, seamstresses... It is important for the brand to maintain these relationships and remunerate them fairly, regardless of the local wages. 

All the additional elements composing the basket (i.e.: stones, label and zipper) are produced in Madagascar as well and their cost is advanced by the designer. Everything is then assembled on the island, in the same workshop. 


The packaging accompanying the purchase of a bag is entirely green: cardboard box made of pine wood (without participating in deforestation) from the southwest of France, jute bag and organic cotton label (requires much less water than conventional cotton cultivation). Everything is made to be reusable and environmental-friendly. 


INFO: Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. Compared to non-organic cotton, it emits 46% less greenhouse gas emissions. 


Taillée is also aiming to get closer to a zero carbon footprint. Taillée produces in Madagascar but does not constantly restock: there are only two air deliveries per year  done through commercial flights. The stocks are then carefully kept in the brand's premises. For the deliveries in Paris and the Parisian region, Taillée works with couriers who travel exclusively by bicycle. 


Through this line of sustainable bags, Taillée wishes to commit itself to a more conscious, more selfless and above all, more responsible future.



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